PAPERplus® Classic CX

Robust paper cushions for medium-sized and large shipping cartons.


The PAPERplus® Classic CX paper cushioning system uses blade-free technology to produce robust and versatile paper cushions. These adapt flexibly to the shape of the shipping goods and thus provide optimum protection even for heavy products in the box. Thanks to perforated paper, the individual cushions can be easily separated from each other, meaning that the machine does not need a blade. As such, users benefit from safe and ergonomic workflows. In addition, the operator can choose between three different speeds and various padding properties to further increase packing comfort. 

PAPERplus® Classic CX draws paper directly from a pallet and is ideal for extremely high throughput: The machine can thus be operated over a long period of time without interruption. If the paper supply is consumed, replenishment can be provided in just a few simple steps. The paper pads are ideal for a wide range of packaging applications. The volume of the pads can be individually adjusted for each item being shipped. The compact PAPERplus® Classic CX can be integrated easily into existing distribution lines.


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