Cost-effective and durable packaging.


MAILERplus® is a lightweight, durable packaging product that offers reliable cushioning protection and lowers your shipping cost. Easy to use and handle, MAILERplus® makes packing fast, clean and efficient.

In addition to its lightweight cost benefit, packers can choose from a wide range of mailer sizes to find the most cost-efficient size for postal rates. Also available are bubble-out bags for convenient cushioning protection when packing multiple items in a carton.


  • Golden kraft paper provides puncture resistance and premium appearance at an economical price
  • Light weight and multiple size choices keep shipping costs to their minimum
  • 3/16" laminated bubble liner with individually sealed bubbles for lasting cushioning protection
  • Slip-coated bubble for fast and easy product insertion
  • Full inner lining wraps over the bottom fold inside the kraft envelope for added protection
  • Easy peel and close, self-seal tape closure
  • Durable enough to be reused, minimizing solid waste


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