Erects the carton and seals the base.


Anyone looking to prepare goods and protective packaging material for the filling stage of the packaging process no longer has to go through the hassle of folding and erecting the carton by hand. With AUTO.ERECT, Storopack offers a far more efficient alternative: automated carton erection and sealing of the carton base. The Storopack system handles this task reliably and can process up to four carton sizes in any random order – a solution that offers maximum productivity on the final feet of the intralogistics process.

Your Benefits

  • Efficient – automated erection of the carton and sealing of the carton base
  • Flexible – can process up to four carton sizes in any random order, without the need for reconfiguration
  • Customized – seals using water-activated tape, self-adhesive tape, or hot-melt adhesive
  • Modular – optional labeling or integration within your inventory management system

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