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With its RENATURE® Wrap product, Storopack is launching new eco-friendly, plant-based protective packaging

Cincinnati, January 2023. Storopack now has another innovation in its range of sustainable packaging: RENATURE® Wrap is mainly made from starch derived from vegetable plants representing a sustainable alternative to traditional bubble cushioning and rolled foam made from polyethylene. The starch-based solution is also dust-free and easy to handle. The protective packaging can be used for any protective applications, including product wrapping and cushioning, void filling in the box, and surface protection for especially sensitive goods. Items are reliably protected from shocks, scratches, and damage during transport. RENATURE® Wrap is now available in the United States.

Innovative and User-Friendly
“Our primary focus is to offer our customers protective packaging that is sustainable, easy to use, and easy to dispose. In addition to outstanding protective packaging characteristics, RENATURE® Wrap also boasts especially user-friendly material handling,” explains Seth Keaveny, Product Promotions Manager at Storopack. The new packaging from Storopack can easily be cut and reassembled into additional configurations for reuse by bonding with water.

RENATURE® Wrap (patent number 11.247.827) can come as a perforated solution in rolls at both 12” and 24” length intervals or as individual sheets to simplify both storage and access directly at the packing station. In combination with Storopack system integrations, it is also possible to cut the RENATURE® Wrap sheets to size individually using the non-perforated offering. Thanks to the properties of the starch raw material, the cushioning material can easily be laminated or adhered to each other with just a little moisture. No additional tape or adhesive is required, which means even less resource consumption and also cost-saving.

Additional Starch-Based Packaging in the Pipeline
“For us, RENATURE® Wrap represents a springboard for developing additional solutions and products made from vegetable starch and other renewable resources. We see a lot of potential in the field of eco-friendly protective packaging solutions for a whole host of applications,” adds Keaveny. When it comes to expanding its product portfolio, the protective packaging specialist focuses in particular on sustainable innovations. The goal for 2025 is to source at least 50 percent of the raw materials from recycled or renewable resources. In 2021, the company was already producing 33 percent of its products manufactured in-house from renewable and recycled materials.

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