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Metzingen, July 2022. Protective packaging specialist Storopack closed the year 2021 with an increase in revenue. Last year, the Metzingen-based Group generated consolidated total revenue of €564 million, which represents a year-on-year increase of €64 million and growth of 13 percent.

Even in the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, ever-increasing demand in global online retail resulted in an increase in sales. The packaging specialist also identified increased demand in the capital goods industry. 
Storopack was able to maintain delivery throughout the year, which led to growth in sales. “Thanks to long-term partnerships with our suppliers and cautious expansion of our inventory, we were able to ensure delivery for our customers at all times,” says Hermann Reichenecker, Executive Director at Storopack. 


A Focus on Automation and Sustainability
Expanding automated packaging solutions is an important focus for Storopack. In October 2021, Storopack acquired 74.9% of the shares in OPITZ Packaging Systems GmbH. OPITZ’s knowledge in automating packaging processes complements Storopack’s experience and expertise in innovative protective packaging solutions. 
“This investment is a major step when it comes to boosting the productivity of our customers’ protective packaging processes,” explains Hermann Reichenecker, Executive Director at Storopack. 

In addition to automation, sustainability also plays a key role in product range development. “Our goal is to increase the percentage of our internally manufactured products made from renewable or recycled materials to 50% by 2025. We were at 33% at the end of 2021,” says Charles Poisson, Group Sustainability Director at Storopack. 
Storopack launched its PAPERbubble® product innovation last year, which is an innovative and eco-friendly replacement for traditional air bubble film. Storopack’s PAPERbubble® products are made from renewable raw materials and can be 100% recycled. 

The manufacturer of protective packaging also promotes the circular economy. Developed in-house, the raw material rEPS can be used to produce new protective packaging for household appliances, screens, and other products – for a solution made entirely from recycled material. As such, the Metzingen-based protective packaging specialist is fully closing the recycling loop. 
Working with other EPS processors in the ELIPSO association, Storopack France has launched a project to expand the complete recycling loop with material collected in the “Gelbe Tonne” yellow bins.