Flexible and sustainable protective packaging made from starch


Storopack STARCHwrap® is the eco-friendly alternative to traditional bubble wrapping and PE rolled foam. Customers can use STARCHwrap® in a wide range of applications, including product wrapping and cushioning, void filling, and surface protection for especially sensitive goods. Items are thus reliably protected from shocks, scratches, and damage during transport. The protective packaging is made from vegetable starch and therefore is the epitome for conserving resources and closing the natural cycle.

STARCHwrap® cushions boast exceptional protective and environmental qualities and are especially user-friendly. STARCHwrap® comes premade and perforated in rolls, which simplifies storage and access directly at the packing station. In combination with Storopack system integrations, it is also possible to cut the STARCHwrap® sheets to size individually.



  • Made from Starch derived from renewable resources
  • A wide range of applications such as wrapping, cushioning, surface protection and void filling
  • Dust-free and easy to handle
  • Premade and perforated cushions in rolls for simple storage and access at the packing station

Disposal of STARCHwrap®

  • We have applied to have this product certified for industrial composting under EN13432/ASTM D6400 (include whichever standard is being tested to) – the process is in the final stages
    • The Certification verifies that the cushions can be placed in some food or garden waste bins, if your local municipality accepts it
    • Until Certification has occurred, cushions can be placed in your domestic waste bin
  • Do not put this packaging in your recycling bin
  • Do not litter – this package will still harm the environment

* Refers to composting in properly managed municipal or institutional facilities. Check that such facilities exist in your area.

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