Create your own packaging pouches.


Cro-nel® and Nyvel® are cushioned, self-sealing packaging materials that wrap around products forming a tear and puncture-resistant, air-tight seal.

The cohesive cold-seal material seals instantly, eliminating the need for tape, staples, or heat sealing.

Product Performance:

  • Will not adhere or transfer to the product being packaged
  • Superior cohesive coating, ensuring the integrity of your product in both in-house and in-transit shipping
  • Tough, tear and puncture resistant outer layer
  • Air tight – moisture resistant outer layer will protect your products from the outside elements
  • Foam absorbs impact better than single-faced corrugate
  • Products packaged using our cohesive laminates will arrive in safe and in perfect condition

Reduces Damage In Transit:

  • Our cohesive wrap will lock your item in place; forming an airtight seal, eliminating damage through rubbing and abrasion, offering superior cushioning for all shipping methods

Easy to use:

  • Our cohesive seals instantly, needing no heat or external means of sealing
  • No need for additional fasteners such as tape or staples
  • Simplify packaging and reduce time and labor in your packaging operation

Cost Savings:

  • Simplifies the packaging steps needed to pack your items, saving time and labor, as well as saving you money overall
  • By conforming to your packaged products’ shape, our cohesive laminates use only the material required for product coverage and thereby reducing packaging


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