Ideal for small to medium packaging needs.


AIRmove² offers a production output of approximately 10 meters of film per minute, is immediately ready to go thanks to its quick-start function, and is ideal for small to medium packaging needs of 500 packages a day. It couldn’t possibly be any easier to select the film type or filling volume of the air cushions. At the press of a button, the replaceable cutting system and heat-sealing unit ensure robust air pillows are ready for use. The role angle of 45 degrees simplifies the process of inserting and removing the film and minimizes the amount of space required.


The machine has a flexible display screen and can also be operated with a handheld button or foot pedal and, if necessary, installed on the wall. Storopack offers four types of film for AIRmove² – Void, Bubble, Wrap, and Cushion – allowing for the production of cushions in a variety of shapes and the right solution for any product.

In einem Karton befindet sich eine Luftpolsterfolie, die ein Kerze umgibt.
In einem Karton befinden sich mehrere Luftpolsterfolien.
In einem Karton befindet sich eine Kaffeemaschine, die von Luftpolstern umgeben ist.
In einem Karton sind mehrere Luftpolster aufeinander gestapelt.
Eine Maschine befüllt die Luftkissenfolie mit Luft.


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