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Press Release as of 16.09.2020

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Metzingen, September 2020. The protective packaging specialist Storopack is introducing the new FOAMplus® 5504RC packaging foam to the market, the first polyurethane foam in the packaging industry with renewable content weighing just 0.30 pounds per cubic foot. The sustainable, environmentally responsible FOAMplus® 5504RC foam consists partly of a sugar-based material obtained by renewable sources and will satisfy the most rigorous cushioning demands. FOAMplus® foam packaging is an ‘on demand’ packaging solution that, when the two liquid components mix together, will expand to (H)CFC- and HFC-free polyurethane and up to 220 times their liquid volume. As the foam expands, it takes on the shape of the packaged goods as it hardens, thus making it perfect for cushioning, void filling, and shock absorbent. The high compression strength of the packaging foam reliably protects even heavy goods such as mechanical and electronic parts as well as parts of the automotive industry. In addition, the foam pads can be reused multiple times. The extremely lightweight packaging solution reduces shipping weight and the need for oil-based foams.

Outstanding protective properties

“Protective packaging that saves resources is important within our industry and elsewhere, too,” says Marco Corradi, Product Manager for FOAMplus® at
Storopack. “We attach great importance to the development of such protective packaging. Our new FOAMplus® 5504RC polyurethane foam is the first with renewable content with just 0.30 pounds per cubic foot in the foam packaging market – and our customers can expect the usual outstanding protective properties of our FOAMplus® foam packaging.” Starting from the sugar cane, sucrose based polyols are produced and deployed in the production of polyurethane foams. They have similar material properties as the oil based ones and can be further processed into high-quality protective packaging. FOAMplus® 5504RC is now available from Storopack in North America.