At Storopack Equipment Service Is Not An After-thought!

We have a full-time staff of technicians around the country that are specially trained to service all of our equipment. Our skilled technicians become valuable partners to your business. They are readily available with the knowledge and quick response you need to ensure your packaging systems are operating at peak efficiency.

  • Service and support centers throughout North America
  • Quick response service calls
  • On-site service
  • Highly trained service technicians
  • Attentive service
  • More than 20 manufacturing and distribution locations in North America and more than 70 combined locations worldwide

On-going Improvements To Support You and the Packaging Industry

In addition to our strong equipment service support, Storopack maintains a continuous improvement program that focuses on providing value to our customers and bringing advancements to our industry.

  • On-going research to develop new products that extend the uses and efficiencies of in-the-box packaging
  • Goals to improve the effectiveness and capabilities of existing products
  • Development of product manufacturing processes, use and disposal efficiencies that address environmental concerns
  • Maintaining quality while providing packaging materials that are cost-effective
  • Customer service training that provides you with knowledgeable partners
  • Continual software and system upgrades that keep our equipment operating at peak efficiency