Storopack’s Individualized Consultation Service Offers You More

At Storopack we blend our 50+ years of experience in the industry with our broad range of products to build workable solutions for our customers. Our Individualized Consultation approach strives to understand each customer’s unique circumstances to identify the right tools for practical outcomes by offering:

  • Understanding of, and response to, your overall packaging needs
  • Broad industry knowledge to share experiences
  • Fit-for-purpose protection through multiple in-the-box packaging products
  • Efficient, space-effective production environments from versatile machine designs and delivery systems
  • Fast response times for delivery and service from our convenient facilities throughout the U.S.
  • Superior technology for reliability, speed and ergonomics
  • Cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly products


Teaming Up with the Packaging Specialists at Storopack Adds Value.

Whether you’re engineering a complete packaging process, or making modifications to an existing one, our Individualized Consultation Service addresses all of the things you need to consider to bring the best value to your decision, such as:

  • Material and shipping costs
  • Product protection and damage reduction                              
  • Production volume and efficiencies
  • Environmental considerations             
  • Weight considerations
  • Space requirements 
  • Equipment volume, design and integration
  • Delivery of packing materials
  • Unique packing requirements
  • Current equipment investment
  • Ease-of-use and training
  • Time and labor savings
  • Ergonomics and safety

We also provide helpful support and research materials for your decision-making process including:

  • Comparative packing method studies
  • Packaging examples for fragile goods
  • Drop test studies
  • Technical drawings


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