An efficient automated delivery system is essential for speed, productivity and cost savings. From simple dispensers with hoppers to sophisticated fully automated pneumatic systems we have designed and installed systems that allow customers to ship as many as 80,000 cartons per day out of one facility.

  • We're experienced — our in-house teams have designed and installed hundreds of automated delivery systems worldwide
  • Storopack automated delivery systems have the ability to deliver different packaging materials within the same system for the lowest cost "in-the-box" packaging solution.
  • Storopack equipment can be monitored in a real time environment reporting usage and malfunction keeping your operation efficient and saving you costly downtime.

Storopack's Systems Integration Department works closely with your in-house engineers or contractors for seamless design and integration of your automated delivery system. They begin by carefully analyzing your workflow, current process and facility. Their analysis includes consideration of details such as:

  • Ergonomics for working comfort
  • Pre-produced materials vs. on-demand production
  • Speed and ease of supply material loading
  • Maximum use of facility space
  • Accessibility for machine maintenance
  • Environmental issues
  • Consideration of plans for future changes …and more


After a thorough analysis our engineers go to work to develop a proposal that effectively integrates the new machines into your existing facility or, if appropriate, a completely new layout of your packaging area. Our proposal is sent to you with drawings showing a clear picture of where and how the machines will be integrated into your facility so you’ll be able to judge the added value of your investment. Once we receive your approval Storopack will deliver and install your new systems within 6 to 8 weeks.