5 Keys To A Successful Packing Station

An article published in the March 2010 issue of DC Velocity magazine reviewed five common pitfalls to avoid when setting up a packing station. In this report Storopack offers additional advice and suggestions as they relate specifically to your in-the-box packaging materials.

1) Take control over the use of your “in-the-box” packaging materials

Using too much, too little, or the wrong packaging materials can lead to waste and product damage. Storopack helps solve these issues with “fit-for-purpose” solutions that give you better control over your packing process, and put the right “in-the-box” materials in the hands of the packer:

  • Multiple packaging materials conveniently integrated at individual workstations
  • Programmable controls that dispense the right amount of paper or foam, and manage air fill
  • Wide selection of AIRplus® air pillow and air cushion sizes
  • Multiple PAPERplus® product choices to fit all cushioning and void-fill applications
  • On-demand FOAMplus® systems with multiple foam density choices including our Universal Foam product that fits most packing applications and provides significant source reduction
  • Standard and Biodegradable PELASPAN® Loose-Fill
  • Convenient, versatile PAD LOC® cushioning pads that cost-effectively replace custom packaging materials


2) Consider the carton

When it comes to the carton there are two considerations relating to your “in-the-box” packaging material costs. First, training workers to use the right size carton can reduce in-the-box material usage resulting in annual savings of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on your volume. Second, with the use of less durable cost-saving cartons it’s important to know that you can rely on Storopack packaging materials to support the carton and protect your products without added expense.

3) Plan for sufficient workspace

Using workspace efficiently is key. Crowding the packing area can interfere with workflow and slow down production. Again Storopack provides multiple options to utilize space as efficiently as possible and keep production moving.

  • On-demand systems for air, foam and paper products
  • Small footprint machines
  • Integrated Delivery Systems providing materials to multiple work stations from a single source
  • Overhead delivery and other space-saving storage
  • Custom modification of machines to integrate directly into a worktable or speed line
  • Air bag systems with automatic supply checks
  • Automatic cushion film coiler


4) Automate in-the-box packaging with confidence

While there is automated equipment offered for many packing tasks, you’ll find that incorporating Storopack machines for your in-the-box packaging materials provides multiple advantages. In addition, Storopack equipment is of the highest quality. Engineered to meet the needs of today’s packaging challenges and supported by thorough training and prompt professional service our systems offer:

  • Speed and efficiency
  • Easy and reliable operation
  • Ease of integration
  • The latest technology and capabilities


5) Design packaging stations with the worker in mind

Providing workers with proper ergonomics helps to prevent on-the-job injuries and increase throughput. Storopack machines and products provide the latest technology and worker-focused features. Plus, our expert integration engineers plan for optimal placement to ensure working comfort that enhances productivity.

  • Stands that swivel and adjust to operator height
  • Material loading accessibility and weight considerations
  • Automated separation and cutting of materials to minimize handling
  • Careful planning and placement to optimize productivity