Aftermarket Processing Is Complete With Smart In-The-Box Packaging.

Reverse Logistics

Smart management of aftermarket processing requires attention to every detail, including the cost-effectiveness and reliability of in-the-box packaging protection during handling. Whatever the reason a product is returned, protecting the product as it moves through the aftermarket process can mean the difference between total loss, total salvation, or simply salvaging parts to move back into the supply chain. Designed to save you money by combining improved product protection, resource management and environmental efficiencies these Storopack products will help you get the most out of your in-the-box packaging.

AIRplus AIRplus® Air Packaging Products

AIRplus® inflated air packaging products such as air pillows and cushioning bubble are the perfect choice when you need very cost-effective damage control.

  • Block and brace for resale of boxed items
  • Wrap and protect unpackaged product


PAD LOC® Moldable Loosefill Packing Pads

PAD LOC are preformed versatile cushioning pads that are perfect for repackaging repairs and in-transit protection for advance exchange programs.

  • Reusable up to 20 times
  • Easily adjusts to fit any size and type of product
  • Easy to use, makes proper packing effortless
  • Replaces high-end fabricated packaging materials and custom inventories


FOAMplus® Foam-In-Place Packaging Systems

  • Our easy-to-use foam packing products provide fast and versatile custom packaging on-demand.
  • Multiple foam density products available including our versatile Universal Foam.
  • Universal Foam is a lower density foam product that can replace higher densities used to protect products up to 40 lbs.
  • Universal Foam helps with CSR goals and saves you money by providing up tot 35% source reduction
  • Reliable equipment backed by Storopack's industry leading service program.


PAPERplus® Paper Packaging Materials

Cushion and protect fragile, heavy and odd-shaped objects reliably with the best quality in-the-box paper packing products on the market.

  • PAPERplus® Classic paper packing materials have significantly better compression strength than competitive products
  • PAPERplus® GE offers a greater efficiency paper packing pad to fit today’s smaller carton and source reduction requirements
  • PAPERplus® Chevron creates a 4" diameter tube that provides maximum void fill using less paper
  • PAPERplus® Shooter is a very fast system that automatically dispenses durable void fill paper directly into the carton


Hybrid Packaging

Using hybrid packaging techniques with the versatile packaging material choices from Storopack you can combine void fill and cushioning protection in the same carton for maximum efficiencies from your packing materials. 

  • Get the maximum value with the minimum cost
  • Put cushioning only in the corners or where you need it the most
  • Use lower cost materials to block and brace flat sides or for filling spaces
  • Lower your average “in-the-box” material cost

Storopack is a member of the Reverse Logistics Association.