What is a Hybrid Packaging Solution?

Storopack’s Hybrid Packaging Solution is the utilization of two or more in-the-box packaging materials at the same packing station or speed-line to allow optimum fit-for-purpose packing.

With access to more than one packaging material you can choose the most effective material for each packing situation or create cost-saving custom product protection by combining select packaging materials in a single carton.

For example a packer can use AIRplus® air packaging in a carton where a product needs bracing and combine it with PAD LOC® protective loosefill pads to protect the more sensitive areas from impact damage.


Our Hybrid Packaging Solution = Multiple Savings Opportunities!

  • Eliminate costly misapplication of packaging materials and improve product protection by putting the right packing material where you need it.

  • Stop wasting money using the wrong packing material because it's the only option you have. Storopack systems can deliver multiple materials to the same packing station or speed line.

  • Reduce your waste-stream by using your in-the-box packing materials more practically.

  • Replace more expensive custom packing and virtually eliminate custom inventories by replacing them with the flexibility of more choices.


Positive Customer Experiences

  • A high-end motorcycle seat manufacturer who insists on absolutely no damage combines Storopack Foam-In-Place with PAD LOC® cushioning pads in the same carton – they now experience no product damage at a reduced cost.

  • A large manufacturer of tabletop saws uses single-ply PAPERplus® GE paper packaging for the majority of their repaired returns and has two-ply PAPERplus® available when it's needed for very heavy items. One PAPERplus® paper packaging system handles both types of paper eliminating multiple training situations. Plus, having less equipment saves valuable floor space. This efficient application yields a savings of approximately 35% on materials and about 50% on equipment.

  • An independent fuel distributor with approximately 2000 stores chose PAD LOC® loosefill pads and AIRplus® air filled packaging products to replace more time-consuming packing materials. They found even greater savings when they focused on training to reuse materials in their closed loop system. Reuse of the PAD LOC® pads is close to 70%.