Why a CSR Assistance Program?

  • Increasing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are affecting all aspects of business in all industries.
  • Customers are looking to their vendors for solutions to help them meet their environmental commitments and at the same time maintain or lower costs.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of the widest selection of in-the-box packaging materials, Storopack is well positioned to help with your CSR challenges. Through our continuous improvement process we’ve taken the lead with our “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” initiative that focuses on identifying and developing true sustainability features within our products. Our CSR Assistance Program is designed to help you find optimal in-the-box CSR solutions and implement them effectively.

We go beyond bringing you eco-friendly packaging products.

We understand your challenges… and we are aware of the many considerations involved for your company as you change packing materials and methods to address this new and important social direction. By combining our industry knowledge with our broad range of products, and multiple locations, Storopack is able to offer individualized programs with realistic CSR solutions for your complex packaging needs.

Our individualized program approach looks at your whole picture including:

  • Finding the best performing in-the-box packaging for each of your product groups
  • Reducing your change-over risk with multiple product offerings for flexibility and new products and integrated systems only where it makes the most sense for your business 

  • Teaching you about hybrid packaging to combine packaging products for better efficiencies
  • Implementing the changeover in stages to help you cost-effectively manage your current investment in product and equipment
  • Guiding you through the conversion process realistically and in the most efficient way for your business
  • Showing you how using faster, more reliable systems and products can save you money and justify your new investment
  • Developing integrated systems and processes that offer the most efficient production for your packing environment
  • Enhancing your CSR program so you can use it as a selling point to increase sales


We don't overlook anything.

Our approach looks at all department issues that are affected by changes to your packing methods and materials. We find the best solutions to meet common goals that are shared by everyone including the CEO, CSO, Packing Facility Manager, Operations Manager, and Sales and Marketing.

  • Cost Efficiencies
  • Product Protection
  • Damage Reduction
  • Current Investment Considerations
  • Ease-of-Use & Efficiency
  • Ease of Conversion
  • Scope of Conversion


Storopack's Eco-Friendly Products Include:

  • AIRplus® Square Pillows & AIRplus® Cushion Film: Made with AIRplus® CX Reclaim Film that employs 100% of our reclaimed material and are #2 curbside recyclable.

  • PELASPAN® BIO Loose-Fill: Made from annually renewable resources, certified 100% biodegradable and compostable, anti-static and durable, our newest loose-fill is the ideal packaging product that you and your customers have been asking for.

  • PAPERplus® Paper Products: Eco-friendly containing post-consumer waste and recyclable. We offer durable paper cushioning products and fast, cost-effective filler.

Take the next step.

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