Moldable Packaging Pads

Moldable Packaging Pads

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PAD LOC® pads combine film, air and loose-fill to create a strong moldable pouch that contours to the shape of any product for versatile, customizable packing protection. Designed to be a cost-effective replacement for expensive custom fitted packing materials, PAD LOC® offers proven shock and vibration absorption with resiliency that out-performs custom fitted materials. 

  • 25% savings over high-density foam
  • 50% savings over die-cut urethane and other pre-formed custom packaging materials
  • Controlled use
  • Contours to the shape of any product
  • Easy to use — speeds production
  • Proven shock and vibration absorption
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Reusable up to 20 times
  • Perfect for aftermarket and reverse logistics packaging
  • No-mar surface protection
  • Custom imprinting available



Recyclable* film pouches filled with recyclable EPS loose fill

Compostable* film pouches filled with compostable RENATURE® loose fill



  • 12" x 12"
  • 12" x 18"
  • 12" x 24"

Custom Sizes Also Available


PAD LOC® pads are pre-manufactured in a Storopack facility then delivered to you in master bundles.

* Refers to recycling or composting in properly managed municipal or institutional facilities. Check that such facilities exist in your area.

General Use

PAD LOC® makes it fast, easy and affordable to protect all types of products that may normally require expensive custom packaging including:

  • Curved or irregular surfaces

  • Fragile pieces

  • Heavy, awkward items

  • Electronics and automotive materials


Aftermarket and RL (Reverse Logistics) Packing

PAD LOC® has been successfully used for Depot Repair applications by some of the largest companies in the U.S. Over 20 million PAD LOC® pads have been put to use for unprecedented savings in breakage and packaging cost.


  • Reusable — 70% recycle rate

  • Provides product-fit flexibility for repair and exchange

  • Cost-effective choice to replace lost original pre-molded packaging

  • Proven shock and vibration absorption characteristics

  • Adjusts to different size models

  • Easy to use — outbound and inbound

  • Virtually eliminates all custom inventories

  • Does not scratch


Hybrid Packaging

Hybrid Packaging is Storopack’s method of using multiple in-the-box packaging materials in the same carton to cut costs on materials, handling and shipping.


  • Use your packaging materials more cost effectively by putting more protective packaging materials only where you need them and blocking, bracing or filling with lower priced, lighter weight materials.

  • Speed production by developing a step-by-step packing method using materials that are easier to handle and quicker to pack.

  • Replace more expensive forms of custom packaging and virtually eliminate custom inventory.


CASE STUDY: Gift Basket Shipper

Combining durable PAD LOC® pads for shock protection, with AIRplus® air pillows for lightweight block and brace, this very large U.S. gift basket company quickly realized the following benefits:

  • Eliminated the need for multiple carton sizes

  • Improved productivity increasing output to over 100,000 products shipped annually

  • Experienced easier and faster handling than with previously used packing materials

  • Virtually eliminated product damage

  • Improved product presentation




Third party testing performed by Testopac shows PAD LOC® passes the following critical packaging industry tests:

  • ASTM D 2221

  • ISTA1A

  • ISTA2A

  • ISTA3A

Tests Proves PAD LOC®:

  • Protects products better than more expensive custom packing materials
  • Maintains integrity, showing little or no degradation
  • Durable enough for repeated use — reusable up to 20 times, making them perfect for 3pl and reverse logistics
  • Protects products from surface abrasion


Drop Test Results

  • 100 lb. Toilet - ISTA (3a) for shipping by UPS

  • 80 lb. Monitor - ISTA (1a)

  • Windshield OS-2 ISTA (1a)

  • 16 Point Drop: 25-pound server shows no product movement

  • Six-side 30" Drop: 40-pound monitor result 35-45G’s

Visit Testopac for more detailed results.


Fully recyclable as well as reusable. Disposal into established recycle circuits. Recycled content loose fill may be available in your area. Check with your Storopack representative.


Fully compostable as well as reusable. Made of compostable film and RENATURE®  loose fill. PAD LOC® BIO is fully compostable in properly managed municipal or institutional facilities. Check that such facilities exist in your area.

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Tommy Moorman

T (513) 870-6392

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PAD LOC Presentation PDF

Instant before- and after-market custom protective packaging

PAD LOC® loose fill packaging pads are a quick and easy substitute for custom packaging. The ready-to-use cushioning pad contours to the shape of any product to create instant custom packaging protection.

PAD LOC® is perfect for after market and reverse logistics packaging. The pre-made loose fill pads replace original custom packaging materials. Making it fast and convenient to safely repack items such as electronics and automotive parts.

PAD LOC® is also very cost effective when used for original packaging with savings of 25% versus the cost of high-density foam, and up to 50% versus die-cut urethane packaging. It’s extremely versatile and can be reused up to 20 times. This drop-test proven protective packaging provides excellent shock and vibration absorption.