News from 15.10.2014

Storopack - PACK EXPO International 2014

The Evolution of Perfect Protective Packaging

PMMI International 2014 – “PACK EXPO” will be held in Chicago, IL on November 2-5 at The McCormick Place. Storopack will be presenting several advances in innovations with its Perfect Protective Packaging spectrum of products and solutions. One system in particular will be Storopack’s new 100% automated Loose Fill system. This new Loose Fill system will combine streamlined set-up and operation with highly efficient, productive packaging. The system will use either Bio Loose fill or Pelaspan Loose fill product. A significant advance in fully automated protective packaging.

Storopack’s new, 100% automated Loose Fill protective packaging solution was first developed and successfully integrated for a customer in Munich, Germany. “This is the first and only Loose Fill protective packaging system that is fully automated – with exceptionally simple integration and straightforward operation. It is also one of only a few truly automated packaging solutions. We are very excited about offering this advanced productivity solution to our customers in North America,” commented Daniel Wachter, President of Storopack North America. “What distinguishes this fully automated solution from others on the market is its outstanding packaging line efficiency and problem-free operation. Users can count on its smooth running, easy maintenance and no downtime.”

Loose Fill System Highlights - Once a box reaches the packing station, the system identifies and calculates the void to be filled. At the dispensing and filling station, the required volume of packaging peanuts flows in from above, while light vibration helps compress the peanuts inside the box. At Storopack’s customer facility in Munich, Germany, full automation increased output to as many as 20 cartons per minute, achieving higher productivity as well as considerable savings in personnel costs.

New FOAMplus® pre-molding solutions offer customers cost-effective choices

Storopack will also be exhibiting its FOAMplus® Pre-Molding process at Pack Expo. Storopack offers its customers in North America pre–molded foam cushions with “just-in-time” delivery from one of the nineteen North American fabrication centers. The comprehensive range of FOAMplus® Pre-Molding services starts with an initial analysis of the customers packaging needs. Then the pre-molding Design Center develops a foam cushion solution concept for that customer’s product application. If the customer agrees with the concept, Storopack then proceeds to the sample stage and once the sample is tested and approved, Storopack moves on to production. Pre-Molding of FOAMplus® reduces total packaging costs, capital expenditures, material waste and labor assembly.

Alternatively, customers can choose to install FOAMplus® equipment on their own premises. This includes molding tools and foam systems. One of the foam systems is Storopack’s FOAMplus® BAGPACKER. This foam-in-bag system saves time and money by providing economical, efficient and secure protection for products of any size, shape or weight. This packaging solution will be showcased at the Storopack booth – the new FOAMplus® Bagger2 – is equipped with a four-station rotational vacuum molding table. The four-station table allows the operator to effectively produce one foam cushion every 15 seconds.

Storopack extends its AIRplus® bubble-on-demand system

Storopack is extending its range of AIRplus® bubble cushions with a larger bubble film width of 24 inches, called “53b.” The 53b complements the standard width of 12 inches, called “29b.” As an on-demand system, AIRplus® Bubble cushions reduce storage and handling costs. The AIRplus® Bubble machine can be set up directly at the pack station or alternatively, Storopack can set up the AIRplus® Coiler which produces bundles of bubble at a central location in the packaging department.

For both AIRplus® bubble film types, the perforation length represents a key advantage for the customers. Both films are perforated every 6 inches and Storopack call this the “Smart Tear Off” feature. It’s more flexible length means less material consumption per box and superior protective packaging. AIRplus® Bubble cushion is ideal for small items such as cell phones, cosmetics packaging or even tall, narrow products such as fluorescent tubes.

At the Storopack booth, visitors will be offered an insight on what’s behind Storopack’s promise to deliver “Perfect Protective Packaging” - with packaging solutions engineered to support customers in reaching their business goals, perfectly tailored to meeting their specific needs, and capable of growing along with changing requirements and market conditions.