News from 07.10.2014

Storopack relocates its NJ-distribution center to Edison, NJ

Relocation and expansion target strengthened portfolio and service

Storopack, a manufacturer and marketer of protective packaging solutions, has relocated its Somerset, NJ distribution center to a much larger distribution and manufacturing facility in Edison, NJ. The move positions Storopack at an ideal location central to all of metro New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and will enable faster delivery, more efficient customer service and, importantly, greatly expanded production capacity.

Storopack’s previous 5,000-square-foot location in Somerset had served the company’s growing customer base as a regional distribution center for AIRplus®, PAPERplus® and FOAMplus® products for the past years. The new 44,000-square-foot facility is a state-of-the-art distribution and manufacturing center in Edison, NJ. It will serve as a distribution center for Storopack’s equipment-based protective packaging solutions, including manufacturing and distribution of the company’s Bubbleplus®, Mailerplus®, Pelaspan® EPS / BIO Loose Fill and FOAMplus® Pre-molding products.

These additional products will further strengthen and leverage the company’s core product and non-equipment based protective packaging portfolio. “When it comes to ready-for-use protective packaging, being close to our customers is a decisive benefit in terms of being able to deliver high quality, attractive solutions and the best all-around service,” explained Joe LaGrasta, Vice President of Storopack in the USA, responsible for the East Coast Business Unit.

To further support its expanding product portfolio, Storopack has invested heavily in partnerships as well as advanced production and transportation equipment. Additional operations and delivery staff will ensure a high level of quality in manufacturing and customer service to the company’s strong customer base.

“This change clearly sets a landmark of a new chapter for Storopack in the NY metro area. It reflects our ongoing commitment to customers with our ‘Perfect Protective Packaging’ mission and strategy,” commented Daniel Wachter, President of Storopack North America.

Storopack’s new facility in Edison, NJ will also house an expanded showroom and dedicated training center in order to allow the company to educate its distribution partners on its “Perfect Protective Packaging” process and solutions.

Over the past year, Storopack initiated strategic, targeted regional expansion in the USA, with a number of acquisitions and partnerships which enable Storopack to even better serve its distributors and customers in key business areas and to further develop business opportunities in important U.S. markets.