News from 01.10.2013

Storopack Loose Fill: consulting for increased productivity potential

Nothing fills faster

Even though Loose Fill has been around for almost 50 years, no other packaging material in the world fills voids in a box faster – and this is one of the reasons why Storopack sees continuing demand for this type of protective packaging product. But as with every protective packaging solution, the main challenge is to ensure an optimal protective packaging process for the customer.

From a manufacturer perspective, Loose Fill presents a particular challenge due to high raw material, energy, and transportation costs. Unlike several years ago, a wide range of alternative protective packaging options now exists: Storopack’s options include AIRplus®, AIRmove®, PAPERplus®, and FOAMplus® packaging.

Daniel Wachter, President of Storopack in North America, credits Storopack’s holistic consulting concept as one of the reasons behind the company’s continuing offering of Loose Fill and for investing into new developments in this product category. “Our Perfect Protective Packaging approach determines the protective packaging solution that allows the customer to best increase the productivity of the protective packaging process. We perform an initial, comprehensive audit, independent of any type of packaging material. If we conclude that the overall solution should be based on Loose Fill, we design the Loose Fill protective packaging process to achieve highest productivity,” says Wachter.

As a protective packaging material, Loose Fill offers several advantages. The level of product protection it offers, for example, is perfect for mixed picked packages. That’s because the S-shaped chips – like Storopack’s Pelaspan® Loose Fill – intertwine and create a vibration-proof buffer around packaged goods. Such a level of cushioning even protects fragile objects.

With a network of 17 production branches and warehouse locations in the USA and Canada, Storopack ensures on-time, efficient Loose Fill delivery on the North American market. The classic Pelaspan® Loose Fill is available in three versions: expanded polystyrene, recycled polystyrene, and in an anti-static version (pursuant to U.S. Military regulation specification #PPP/C/1683). Pelaspan® Bio Loose Fill is made of plant starch and helps companies achieve their sustainability goals. The packaging chips are made 100% of renewable resources and contain no environmentally hazardous additives. They are certified compostable pursuant to DIN EN 13432:2000-12.

Storopack also realizes a wide range of integration solutions to guarantee the most effective, efficient and ergonomic use of Loose Fill at the workplace. The spectrum ranges from equipment for single packing stations to distribution center concepts that integrate the protective packaging process on a physical and digital level.

The company also offers solutions for complete Loose Fill automation, and Storopack is one of the pioneers in this market segment. “Today, the possibilities for this type of full automation are more in demand than ever. I am confident that we will be adding several exciting chapters to the story of Loose Fill,” affirms Daniel Wachter.